About us

Hello and Welcome to Meerco Meerschaum Pipes


Establishment Year 2004

We are an International establishment, which we placed Worldwide; but mostly between Florida-USA, and Eskisehir, Istanbul or Izmir-Turkey..   


Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is; creating happy collectors worldwide by providing highest quality meerschaum pipes and accessories; with a worldwide reputation.


Our Guarantee

We as "Meerco Pipes" Carry Only 100% Highest Grade Solid Block Meerschaum and Selective Art Work by Master Carvers in Eskisehir - Turkey. We proud to provide the collectors & smokers one of a kind, hard to find master pieces by renown artisans.

All of our Meerco Pipes are carved from highest quality block meerschaum, which is considered to be the finest material used in quality pipe making.

They all are hand carved, and totally hand made; also all unique individually, even if two alike design carved by the same artisan. The only materials used to prepare our meerschaum pipes are small knives, employed by artisans who learn this beautiful art as children. As all fine meerschaum pipes do; as it ages; Meerschaum colors a rich honey-brown or maroon color over time due to heat and the nicotine content of tobacco. Which improve the value both in appearance and taste. The speed, shade and coloring will differ depending on one`s smoking habits, frequency and the tobacco used.


Meerschaum smokes cool and dry with a flavor unrivaled by any other pipe. Your pipe will taste only what your tobacco promises to smoke. And you will enjoy watching it coloring beautifully in many years to come. Meerschaum pipes can be smoked many times a day as they dry a lot faster than briar type pipes. They will last a lifetime with minimum proper care, unlike briars which will burn out. The bowl sizes vary from 1 to 2 inches in diameter or more and the mouthpieces are made of horn shaped by the artisan.



We back all of our Meerschaum Pipe products with a full money back guarantee. Please refer to “Our Guarantee” and “Shipping & Payment” pages for detailed information.


Custom Pipe

We welcome you to consult any customized work, such as picture samples, portrait, dream pipe, logo, mythical, and sexy compositions you have in mind. Prices vary depending on the size of the stone and intricacy of the carving.



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Happy Meers


Nicky Nevin